Tuesday, February 13, 2007


A Real Lover

After one year I am here to write again about a real lover who lives in a cold city of Iran. A land where Pars people are living. He is a very simple boy (This kind of writing is an old way of hunting girls, am I right?). He loves a beautiful girl but the girl hate him yeah the boy should forget her but he loves her. It is impossible. He is a real lover. The boy (lover) is too poor, but the girl (beloved) is thoroughly cruel. She even doesn’t want to think about the boy for one second. That should be the end of the way for the boy, but he can’t stand it. The beloved is his classmate. Yeah here we just sing this famous song of Michael Jackson (The girl was bad the girl was dangerous). But we had another song here (Do the right thing). Yeah you all suggest the lover of our story to do the right thing : forgetting the girl and enjoying his time and life. Health, wealth and happiness. I even suggest him to put the girl away but why the lover doesn’t want to believe the facts of this unfaithful world (the girls don’t deserve lover). I know that he why the lover will never the beloved at all. Because he is crazy. He loves the girl, only the lovers can find the feelings of the poor boy.
To be continued …
You can read the continuing of this romantic story later but now I want to open my hands and let the cat out of the bag. The Real Lover is Majid jj the writer of this old weblog. Aye I fell in love of Mina some month ago but she is to stern and she doesn’t believe the boy, especially me. She said that I am a big liar. Am I a liar? Time will clinch that I can’t lie. This horrible days will pass, the clouds of disappointment will remove from the sky of my life. Till I am alive I will have this love in my heart. You are doing your best to break my heart but you can’t do that. Sunday she will attend in the classes of university.
I am playing with a flower and predicting the future with it.
She loves me…. She loves me not ….she loves me ….she loves me not…….

Monday, March 20, 2006


just 2 hours

Today is 29th of Esfand and there is just two hours to new year, streets are too crowded these hours and all of the Iranian are going to start new year.One year passed , so I am one year older now , I have learned too many things in this year , I could accomplish most of my plans and I am to some extent pleased with my self , but I should confess that I could be much more successful if I concentrate more and more on my programs and surely I will make some changes in my behavoir but I should keep this way , I mean I wanna be the best in my lessons , I wanna be happy in my life , I wanna enjoy my life so I should be much more patient. There are so many troubles in this world for everybody but I really believe and I will surely taste in future that " Time Heals All Wounds ". So be happy and let the troubles do their duty but be sure that they can not defeat you , they just make you ready future and strengthen you.

Written by : JJ

Tuesday, January 31, 2006



I am trying to forget every thing and start again, today is the 1st day of Muharram ; the first month of the Islamic year and all of the Shiites of the world are in mourning because of their 3rd Imam ; Majesty Hussein. We can see many changes in the cities of Iran in this month; the mood of society changes in this month. People dress in black clothes and they are more delighted to take part in revivals. They are sad and cry for their oppressed Imam. There are too many things to say about Imam Hussein and Ashura but here I just want to mention some important ones.
1- Imam Hussein was martyred in the way of Islam so we should be more careful about our religion and try to proceed in the way of our religion in any circumstance.
2- I myself believe that if man follows the religious comment, he/she will be successful in his/her life and can achieve to most of his/her ambitions
Muharram of this year is different from previous ones; it coincides with the anniversary celebrations of Islamic revolution of Iran so people are trying to cherish both of them, in fact most of Iranian believes that Islamic revolution of Iran is the continuation of Imam Hussein way. It my be, I don’t want to maneuver on this matter any more but Islamic is republic of Iran is going I this way and hitherto it is alive and is resisting.
I myself feel that Ashroora and Taasoa is necessary for me and I should be in Qom in these days, in fact in these days I can refresh my soul and swear allegiance with my Imam that I am in his way.
Written by : JJ

Saturday, January 28, 2006


The Disastrous Term Finished

It is 26th of January and I am at home in Qom, I can’t believe it. No, it is not acceptable for me, how can I forget this term? Na, I can’t forget it, in fact I should not forget it; any way, let me say what is the matter. It is about my failure in university. The 3rd term finished for me yesterday and I have got some unbelievable marks in most of my lesson. Now JJ is not the head and number A of class. Let me say in this way as my lovely friend Farshid said “The girls rub our muzzles against soil “. They really defeated us; the laughter of the girls annoys me. The girls demonstrated that they are not as dummy as the boys thought. Aye, aye the new rivals established their power. What are the reasons of this failure? What happened to the boys especially to me?
There are some important reasons in the case but the main one is that I was not the active and clever boy of previous terms; yeah I was a little lazy this term, I frittered away most of my time and now I really accept that it is just my fault no one else. I should bring up some other reason too. I thought a lot about this term and the result of exams, some indispensable changes should occur in my life, it is necessary to review this 3 months and new life in new term will show other aspects of Majid JJ.
When I thought deeply about my marks of this disastrous term I could find some other reasons too. I was a little busy with our association; yeah finally we could hold the election and established The English Association of Bu Ali Sina, by now The Orient will be the official association of English students of Bu Ali University.
Although the girls got the best marks of the class this term, the boys will ascended the throne and again you will hear the laughter of the boys. I should bear the vacation and next term I will break their horns. Just wait a little more till those beautiful days.

Written by : JJ

Saturday, November 19, 2005


New Life In new City

Hello every body , I should write some important things about myself in here , finally after trying a lot i could pass the hard dam of konkoor ( the entrance examination of universities ) now i am the student of Bu Ali Sina University .I should be in Hamadan for 4 years.ya ,surely it is too hard but i chose this way , by now i entered to a new situation , a new life and a new city. I just wanna write some things about my new life , i will live in dormitory and i will be away from my family and it is too interesting and of course too hard for me.I will have some roommates from other cities , i should try to adapt myself with the new situation. I wanna be a very good translater and in this way i should try a lot, i should try to overcome on all problems and the first problem is girls. I never had any kind of relationship with any girl and now in university i should speak and attend with girls , there is 7 boys and 17 girls in our class.Oh no i can't speak with any girl it is too hard for me , but i am Majid i can do everything , no one can defeat me NO ONE.For the begining i should by some books and a nice cassette player ,then i should break the lock of my tongue and speak with girls .Next weeks i will write things that will happen for me in Hamadan .At the end i should tell that i can be the best if I WANT.Bye till next days. Majid jj at your service just mail to this address : soniya1984@gmail.com


Iran In Real Danger

Nuclear power of Iran is too important for all countries of the world , most of them are worried about this matter, they think that Iran is going to make nuclear bomb so they themselves are the judges of world and Iran is guilty. It is really too amusing , because Iran always says " we want to use nuclear science just for producing energy , nothing more ". European countries , united states and India started this silent war against Iran some years ago but it seems to be serious for Iran now , yeah we want nuclear power because we will need it , of course we have rich sources of energy like oil but all of us know that sooner or later oil will exhaust , so in that time how can we supply our needs in energy ? Ok let me open this category, why the nulcear power of Iran is important for some countries? Why they are afraid of Iran? Answering to these questions are not too hard , they can not bear Iran's development ,they consider that if iran get to nuclear power they can not press on Iran.In one word they are our enemy so they should make troubles for us, but what can they do if Iran do not obey their orders? Can they make serious troubles for Iran ? European countries , US and some other countries said that we will send the Iran's litigation to Security Council, but what will happen if this happens? Security Council can limit the relationship of countries with Iran , they can put some kinds of economic boycotts on Iran, so you see that Iran Is In Real Danger.It is the best time for Iran to show its brilliant diplomacy , surely we have some friends in the world .If we concentarte on our international debates , we can defeat our enemies. Iran is not a weak country in the world , we all know that in the war between Iran and Iraq all the countries helped Iraq but Iranian people showed that they are loyal to their revolution , so we are optimistic about this matter and we will be wiiner in this case, God willing.
Written by : JJ


Happy Birthday Jeni

I am very happy today, one year passed and now Jeni is One year old , ahan let me say Jeni is my cousin the daughter of my oldest brother javad, she is too cute and of course so beautiful I really like her a lot. By now 4th of Shahrivar will be one my best days. Before continuing I should tell that her name is Fateme but I call Jeni (Jennifer). Now my mom is grand mom and my father is grand dad, Jeni had changed a lot thing in my family, she made us more happy and we are so energetic these days, you know baby can insert to every ones heart and in any house that is baby you can find more happy persons. Today we made a Happy Birth day celebration for Jeni , unfortunately I wasn't in this ceremony I was with my friends in Alavi park in the morning and I had a class afternoon so I couldn’t attend in Jeni's Happy Birthday ceremony. Jeni is too lucky, she has 3 aunts and 5 uncles but she is not so familiar with me because I wasn’t Qom for a period of time, but she should love uncle JJ .
Written By : JJ


My Constant friend

Hello every body today I wanna introduce my best friend to you my dearest Hadi ( khaan) he is my constant friend indeed. I found him about 6 years ago when I was learning English in Noor institute , we were in the same guidance school but we weren’t in the same class , our home was too near to each other and we were attached together so soon, he was the crazy lover of English ( Perhaps he is yet ) like me, I really believed his power in English , he was too clever and successful in his high school ( perhaps like me ) but my fake is my enemy, yeah he abandoned me and went to Tehran with his family , he broke my heart I accustomed to him so it was too hard for me, I was too disappointed and mixed up for some weeks but I had to believe that he can't be with me again. I had lots of diaries with Hadi , we were a very successful couple , I was too energetic when hadi was with me, I should confess that Hadi learned English to me ( yes I know I don’t know English yet ).let's continue , Hadi went to Tehran and I started a new way , living without Hadi . I was in a very strange mood that times, but Hadi put an end to my aloneness, he phoned to me and gave his phone number, by then we phoned to each other more and more. Hadi left me 2 years ago and now he is again the best friend of mine and he will (should ) be the best for ever. Today I wanna invite Hadi to come to My-Tongue and be one of its members so I just say that " Hadi (khaan) I am waiting for you come to My-Tongue and be with me and my friends for ever" .
Written By : JJ


Cholera Is Killing

It is really too hot in Iran and a very dangerous disease is spreading in most parts of Iran, yeah Cholera. About 7 weeks ago some samples of cholera is reported in Iran , they were in Qom , after some days some others found in other cities , yes it had started , a crisis was in the way. Doctors could find the origin of cholera, it had been entered by some Afgan invalids. The symptoms of cholera are: stomachache, headache , vomit … The numbers of patients is increasing, today the Sanitation Center of Iran said that 818 persons caught cholera 10 of them died , so it is really important and if we don’t control this disease it would kill more people and can make a lot of problems for our country, but how can we stop it ?The best way is to be more careful about our personal sanitation and drink fresh and clean water because the common way of spreading cholera is dirty water, we should also wash our fruits well and don’t eat vegetables and the last one, if you get stomachache or vomit go to a doctor immediately.But at the end I should add that we got a lot of problems just because of Afagn people which live illegally in Iran and make difficulties for Iranian people every day , now we don’t have Taleban in Afganestan , and their country is free so they should back to Afganestan and if they don’t do so we should make them back .


Iran's Nuclear Power

Today I wanna write a little about Nuclear power of Iran , my lovely hometown. As you know Iran has changed a lot after revolution and now we want to develop in every where , yeah Iranian people wanna say to the world that Iran is alive and we can do every thing if we want. Ok let me start from the first , we all believe that progress is the right of all races and countries and any one can't stop the others but in this dishonest world we can find some wicked people that can't bear the developing of other countries. Iranain people has chosen their way , we said to the world that we want better life and we will do our best and we wanna use every kind of facilities in this way. We feel that Nuclear power is essential for our development , in fact we will need to this kind of science in future so we our youths tried a lot to get and learn this science.
We all know that the use of this science is a lot in different branches of science , as you know we can produce electricity , we can use Nuclear in medicine , agriculture and …… But what is the problem , I will explain. The united states and most of the European countries want Iran to stop his Nuclear activities , because they ( and just they ) say that Iran is trying to make nuclear bomb and you know that which countries used nuclear bombs in world war II. It is really too amazing , I can’t control myself , it is really like a joke , they say that " yes we can have nuclear power and even nuclear bomb because we are the bosses of the world ". I don’t know what should I write about this statement of the united states and European countries. I just say to them that your are too selfish and you are too optimistic about yourself , you should believe that the epoch of you had finished you are not the bosses of the world now. At the end I just have one advice for European countries , just be careful and don't trust on the united states you are doing every thing in favor of U.S but Iran won't give up this way we want to have nuclear power and we will have so don't struggle any more and just one more thing , Iran is much powerful than before now so watch out and don’t think about war with Iran , got it ?????
Written by : JJ


Life Is Live

Hello everybody, it is really too hot this summer. The summer isn’t bearable in Qom. The summer of this year is different, it is too hot in most of the cities of Iran. As you know summer is the season of relaxation for most of the people especially for the students, now I am home in Qom with my family but I am not so happy, do you know why? I really love English and I can’t be away from it for long time so I got a little sad, but be sure that I wont give up writing in my blog. I accustomed to write in My-Tongue, I really wanna develop it so I am going to invite all of you to help me in this way, I am crazy lover of English and looking for more crazy lovers. I am 21 years old by now I really believe this motto that " life is life " so take it easy and enjoy it, you cant stop the passing of time, you are in the current of it, ok let me explain it more . We are all living in a big world which is full of difficulties, you can find no one in the world that has no problem, all of us , rich and poor and fighting with several problems but I really believe that I am happy if I say to myself that life is life just take it easy in anywhere and in anytime . I was really jolly happy in Bu Ali university because I was with my love I mean English. I wanna use my time so let me put away writing for My-Tongue and listen to some Dj songs
So take care and bye.
Written By : JJ


England In Challenge

London , the capital of England , shaked for several times by terrorist activities of Alqaydo yesterday. 6 bombs bursted out in subway and one in a bus , now we can double the traffic problem of London. The subway system stopped and there were a lot of problem in traffic but non of these couldn’t be important for England. The only thing which shoked the world and especially the European country is the interruption in D8 meeting. The 8 industrial countries of the world ( Japan , United states , Germany , France , Canada , England , Russia ,Italy ) come together to talk about the important problems of the world in Scotland , But London bombing made Beler to come back to London to control the capital of England. The number of dead which is announced by TV channels of the world is different , about 50 dead and 300 injured. This bombing shaked the world , all the channels interrupted their ordinary programs and covered the news of London . The first channel which told about Alqaydo as the causer of this terrorist activities was Fox news. Most of the countries in Europe are ready and be in guard to protect their capitals against Alqaydo. The president of Iran , Mr Khatami , condemned this savage activities and expressed sympathy to the survivals of this crime. He said that we are always the main victim of terrorism in the world and we always condemned terrorism in all over the world. We can guess that with this kind of activities United states and European countries will start some new ways of fighting against terrorism and surely they can make good reasons for new wars in the world , the wars which started after September 11th tragedy. I don’t know the next country or countries which will occupied by United states but I can guess it maybe Lebanon or Saudi Arabia , future will show everything but I am sure that not United states and European countries will not allow themselves to think about making war with Ir.Iran at all.
Written By : jj


I Should Write More Than Before

I want to write again, I ought to tell you a lot things about the time that I was away from My-Tongue.First of all I confess that I have become a little lazy here in Hamedan , But I promise to be more active than before and you should be sure that I will do my best. Let me tell you what happened to my weblog ( My-Tongue.blogsky.com ) during the Bloggers Race In Bu Ali University. I am too sorry for my country ???!!! Don't tired your mind I will explain every thing for you , unfortunately there wasn't any place for my weblog among 100 Top weblogs of the race , yeah I myself couldn't find any reason .You may say " Surely there were more better weblogs than yours " .I searched a lot between the weblogs but in English ones I couldn't find any weblogs better that My-Tongue.Okay , anyway I just believed that I defeated in this race , but it can't be an end to My-Tongue I will work on it more and more and next year it will be the best , be sure about this matter I will show to all the bloggers of Iran that I am alive and My-Tongue will be the best in any time. The other thing which I want to do , is making a Persian weblog in blogfa, I will write some important political news of Iran and the world in irane man and it will be my second tongue in internet. Okay let me put internet away and write a little about the events that occurred during this time , first of all I just tell you that I achieve to some of my aims in university , yeah now I am the head of class and the girls are chasing me but you know no one can stop me . I want to finish writing about the past right here and tell you that Iran is going to past a very important exam in a few week next yeah , it's the presidential election .You can find some information about it in my second tongue . I think it is enough for today.
Written by : JJ


Again In University

Again , I came back to Hamaden and started to study the lessons , you know it takes some time to adapt myself to here but i will do my best to be the best again.Unfortunately I started the new year with some problems , no I can't say you anything about that , it is personal problem and I will solve it myself.I am going to start some new plans in here but I should think more about them ,I will write in next days , okay I think it is enough for today .


Noruz In Iran

Ok , I wanna write again after some weeks , today is 9th of Farvardin , the first month of solar year , yeah it is a little late for writhing about new year but I should write I supposed to be a reporter for the people of the world so let me write about Norooz in Iran . We have a long holiday at the beginging of new year , all the students are free from school for 13 days.This yeartime of starting new year was at evening and new year started be 4:03 p.m , unfortunately I was alone at that moment in my home in Ghom , because my family were in Hamedan , no problem it was a new experience for me.The people of Iran start new year by listening to the speeches of Mr khamenee The Leader Of Islamic Republic of iran and Mr Khatami The president of IR.Iran , then the other special programs start . This year I didn't feel the changing of year I wasn't so happy but it was better than last year.It is customed in Iran to go to the house of relatives during Norooz , so we had a very heavy trafic in the city , most of the shopping centers and markets were closed , all of the people were in hurry and they were congragulating new year to each other with kissing and shaking hands.All of Iranian were happy.Three days passed and now some people returned to their jobs but most of the people had guests in their houses and again I was alone before my computer busy with chatting.It was really hard for me to bear these hours but I should stand them.It got a little cold and we had some snow in cold provinces of Iran .It rained a little in Ghom but life was too beautiful for me .Ok let me say you a little about special customs that Iranian people take in Noruz.We make ourselves ready for Noruz in the last week of winter , all the members of family wanna take part in celeberation for New Year.Iranian people make a very beautiful table-cloth for Noruz holidays.In this special table-cloth we put different things like : Qoran , fish , vinegar , garlic .......We call this table-cloth "Sofre Haf Sin" .It is just for Iranian people in the world.This year I did't see any kind of table -cloth because I was at home week passed and I was alone at home , beautiful days of Noruz passed with no enjoyment for me , but i really prefer to be alone I mean I wanna be alone with myself , yeah I know I am a strange man ,but this is my nature, any way let me write some more about Noruz holidays.In the first 3 days of Noruz every where were closed and unfortualtely the speed of internet was too slow.Days of Noruz came and passed one bye one , but the last day of Noruz holidays is a special day , ok I wanna write a little about 13th of Farvardin , we call it "Sizdah be Dar""It is nature day in Iran , it is customed that Iranian go out of their house and enjoy the last day of Noruz in nature.It is a lovely day for Iranian. We can be away from this modern life and get relax and calm in nature for some hours. I am worry about my lessons because I didn't study during Noruz holidays , but again I will do my best to be the best in the second term of Bu Ali University , God willing.
Written By : jj


My EnlishTeacher ???

First of all have to introduce myself.I'm Enzo and I'm studying medicine in qazvin, I wanna tell u about the first station of my english class in the university , well it wasn't exactly the first one it was actually the second , in the first station the professor said that he's too serious about the time we come to class and he said it would be ok if we come at 8:15, so in the second station I went there at 8:15 exactly but as a matter of badluck! he had read my name juat before I went in so he shouted : "OUT" and I gave a big sigh like this : "awwwwww" (exactly like bamshad!) and without a word I got out.I went to the library and I had a really great time there! because I could check my emails and answer them all one by one,it was really great because I knew it was nothing new to learn in that annoying english class! finally after the break I went to the class and the most strange thing was that he knew my name! later I found out that my classmates had told him that she was ontime and blahblahblah ... when I got in the class I started to talk and talk and talk... I said every word definition and I found synonyms and so on ... I defeated him actually till the time he said it's enough for u to answer now let the others answer too! and he realized that I'm rather good in english , so he asked about how I had learnt english and after that he became so kind with me, and now I know he's a great professor because he is so friendly with me now. Written by: Enzo


The First Term Finished

ok , I can find nice place to write now . I am in ' Marashi ' library in Qom.The first term of Bu Ali Sina university finished for me by 5th of Bahman & I came back to my city I mean Qom. I could achieve to some of my purposes , Now I am the head of class with best marks . During examinations I studied a lot to be the head of class & surely next term every thing will change for me , I should be ready in all classes and you know it is too hard but I will not lose my good situation . let me write a little about the events that happened for me during a week that I was in Qom.First of all I should tell you that my computer didn't work properly so I had sent its mainboard for warranty , yeah I should chat in c.nets and it wasn't safe for me because I lost the best ID of myself in c.net , finally one of my enemies could find my password and i lost soniya_happy_life@yahoo.com , my new id majid_khoueini@yahoo.com.The other catatrophe is about my good luck .On thursday I got some problems with police because of my motorcycle , I could get rid of them and got my motorcycle with a lot of difficulties.The other matter is that we had a lot of guess during this week , two of my lovely aunts with their cute babies were in our home.Twins of my younger aunt made us to laugh ,they are really smart and lovely children.The other guess was my uncle .He lives in Hamadan and i always go to his home on fridays when I am in Hamadan .I really wanna come back to Hamadan , I can't stand my city any more , but I should be Qom for some days.I phoned to some of my friends & spoke with them and told them that I really got homesick .I will be in Hamadan by 20th of Bahman for next term.I wanna write more for my weblog but I am sure that I will be too busy next term so let me say good bye for some weeks.JJ at your service mail to me and tell your suggestions about my weblog. Written By : jj


Bam Died

Bam , the city of death, eveythings died in this city , this city is located in Kerman province .An old historical city of Iran , Every day thousands of tourists come to this city , but now this city is empty of any tourist.what happened to this city? war , earthquake , flood ,...It can't be war or flood , ya again a very violent earthquake shaked no damaged some provinces of Iran . But this time earthquake shaked the hearts of all people of the world .I don't know how to start , earlly it was a disaster, i just know that this winter was the worst winter of my life.The time of earthquake and the date of it isn't known for me but i know that 10 seconds Bam changed to non-Bam . There were 3 days public mourning in Iran , the world in his dream , the people of Bam were in their beds sleeping that this ghoul ate their beautiful city with thousands of people.Thousands of people died in this tragedy , and again we heard the crying of Iranain people earthquake is eating our cities one by one. When i saw the pictures of Bam after earthquake i cried a lot for the deads . lots of families lost some members of their family in this catastrophe.But now it was time of huminity , thousands of people from Iran and other counrries of the world came to help the victims of disaster , but there were no body to save , all the peopleof this lovely city beat the the death.Ya , you can't believe it the population of ths city before trajedy was 80 thousands and the population of this city after trajedy just 40 thousands.Whole of Iran was in sorrow.Mr Eraj Bastami my favoirte singer died in this disaster , some members of parlement died too.Every one in Iran were crying , Tv , radio announcers wore balck clothes and we could see sorrow both in their voice and face , a lot of ceremonies had taken in all cities of Iran for deads and victims. A week passed , now we can have a good look to city of Bam , there weren't any safe house in Bam now. A lot of injurids moved to cities near Bam like : Kerman , Ahwaz,Shiraz, Mashhad , Tehran ,....Searching for the victims was contuning under the dead body of city , every day hundreds of deads pulled out of soil, the hungry earth wanted to eat more and the earthquakes were in this died city.Army start helping , thousands of doctors from all over the world come to Bam.The first head line of all channels and radios was "Bam in disaster".The biggest sun-dried brick building of the world was located in bam , it is called " Arge Bam ".There was just soil that left from that beautiful building , every thing was finished for this city. No water, no electricity , no house. How can they contnuie thier life , they had lost every things.Today Mr Khatami the oresident of Iran have a trip to Bam , he asked the people about their problems , next day the leader of Islamic Republic of Iran will be in Bam.Every body said that "we will make Bam again " new Bam will be much more stronge. Now it is time of showing the power of Iranain people, now Iranain show that they are Iranain.The government is collecting the helps and gifts of people for Bam victims.We have seen a lot of beautiful sense in Tehran , It was raining and people were collecting the helps under the hard rain , 3 days under rain just for Bam people.Really it is too hard too control this people , every one wanted to help , i have seen a very beautiful on T.V which made me to help more .In this sense a man give the money of his Haj to Bam victims.Really god help Bam victims.Every person spent any money in the way of huminity while crying and saying "This helps never can be enough for this trajedy".Our artists of cinema and the sportmen helped a lot in this disaster, Mr Sae gave his medals to the victims of Bam.One month passed , now all the deads are sleeping in their graves , people of Bam are going to make their houses , Bam will be alive .Iranain people will make Bam again to show their power , god willing.Written By : jj

Thursday, October 27, 2005


Down With Isreal

Hello every body , today a very bad event happened for the Olampic team of Iran.We miss a very good chance in Judo .Our lovely sportman Mr Miresmaeli miss his chance for gold medal.What was happened for our strong sportman ?Let me first say something about the believes and ideas of our people aboutIsreal.We have never believed Isreal as a country , because they had occupied Palestineand name it Isreal.ya our sportman in Judo must fight with an Isrealian sportman.He and surely Our country refused from this fight andMr Miresmaeli won't continue the matches.We always say DOWN WITH ISREALBut Mr Miresmaeli and the people of Iran are pleased with this desicin .because we wanna say that we have Palestine in the world .and we are living in a very wild world that some Jewish people killed other peoplevery easily , with no reason.

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